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OC: Burn [Apr. 3rd, 2005|03:30 am]
Hellcrack: The Community

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Title: Burn
Author: mojojessjo
Rating: R
Fandom: Original
Word Count: 415
Warning(s): Implied Incest and sex with a minor. Insanity.
Author's Note: These characters belong to shahni and I. And also, it's my first post here! ^^

All thoughts, all passions, all delights, whatever stirs this mortal frame...Collapse )
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FAQ & Guidelines [Mar. 9th, 2005|07:47 pm]
Hellcrack: The Community

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General Guidelines

(1) Offense. It's a funny concept. People can get offended by all sorts of things and we are none of us offended by the exactly the same things.
->If the concept of fiction described as being "Hell Worthy" offends you, then this is likely not the place for you to be.
->If the concept of "Hell" offends you, again: here is not the place for you.
->Know what offends you. Avoid it. Help others to avoid it by accurately placing warnings on your posts.
->There is no excuse for flaming. None. You can and will be banned if you flame in this community.

(2) Warn. Warnings are essential here. Note: Ratings do not constitute warnings.
->If you believe that something could be construed as offensive, then it should be added into the warning tag of your post. Examples of warnings could include: shota/loli/chan/underage (You can take your pick for which word most accurately describes the situation in your individual post.), violence, blood, OOC behavior, musefic (Yes, this warrants a warning. Some people genuinely do not enjoy muse fiction.), bdsm, incest, satire, etc.
->Try to keep in mind that not only hardcore concepts can warrant a warning. I tried to include that in my examples, but I thought to include a further notation for clarity's sake.

(3) Respect. Have respect for the work of others. That may sound odd when being linked to the concept here in this community, but it is still true. I will state once more: flames will not be tolerated.

(4) Friends-locked. Keep your posts for this community friends-locked. It's a privacy thing.
->A moderator will contact you about a non-locked post and you will have 24 hours to lock it before it will get deleted. Moderators cannot change post settings. They can only delete. This is why this is so.

(5) No outside linking.
-> If you wish to post to the community, feel free to do so, but do not use outside links to another journal or site.
-> In the case of images, upload images to your own server and then include them in the post. Hot-linking is no fun for anyone.

(6) Post headers and subjects. Everyone knows what a general post header looks like, but here's a quick refresher for those who need one or have never used warnings before or whatever excuse you like.
Pairing or Character(s) involved:
Disclaimer: (Yes, we here at Hellcrack still use disclaimers because there's a Special Place reserved -where you do not want to end up- just for plagiarists.)
Warnings: (Please bold your warnings or change the color of their text. Or both if you feel the need to do so.)

--->Subject line: OC or Fandom Title: Title of work (Rating). This makes it easier to link in the memories section and it's just a common sense tool. Example: OC: Bliss (NC-17).

(7) Lj-cut. It's a fun toy, make use of it. If your post is of considerable length, use a cut tag for the benefit of your fellow readers.

(8) On Topic. This is incredibly lenient here. This community was generally created for the purpose of giving a home to fiction, art, thoughts, etc that you normally would not admit to or have a place for. If you have a question about whether or not something is on topic, feel free to ask.


(1) Can I post original fiction or art? Yes. If it's kinky or generally Just Plain Wrong, it's welcomed here.

(2) Is this a closed community? Not really. Membership is only moderated in order to ascertain that our members are of age and understand that this community will contain "offensive" works. Feel free to join our madness, simply include an age-statement if your age is not listed on your journal info so that it's clear you are over 18 years of age.

(3) Is this a slash-oriented community? Again: not really. Anything is welcomed here so long as it fits in with the Hellcrack madness. Het, slash, bisexualism, transsexualism, null-fic, you name it, it's alright...with a warning. Include a warning. Always include warnings. Did I mention warnings?

(4) Can I post fiction containing *insert random kink/fetish here* in this community? Yes. Fetish and kink fiction of any and all types are welcomed here. With a warning. Include it in your warning.

(5) Does my fiction/art have to be exclusive for this community since you don't want outside linking? No. You may post it wherever else you like. Simply make your post on this community friends-locked.

(6) Can I post links to my website/fansite/ficjournal/etc in my post or does that count as an outside link? Yes. You may include links to your whatever in the header to your post. Just don't make a link the subject of your post since that is annoying.

(7) Can I advertise *insert whatever you happen to be pimping* here? Ask a moderator for permission first. Advertisements are generally considered annoying, but there are exceptions where they could be considered on topic considering the nature of this community.

(8) Can my friend join too? Is your friend of age? Then yes. If they want to, have them apply to join and a moderator will approve them like anyone else. Or you for that matter if you're not a member yet.

(9) Do all posts have to be locked? Yes. Even if they are lower-rated, they should be locked. It's a privacy thing. Besides, if it's here, it obviously has a reason to be here no matter how innocuous that reason may be.

(10) Which fandoms are welcomed here? All fandoms are welcomed here. All muses are welcomed here.

(11) Is RPS or Real Person Fiction allowed here? Yes. With a warning. Think I've got the warning message across yet?

Anything else? Ask below.
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