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OC: Burn [Apr. 3rd, 2005|03:30 am]
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Title: Burn
Author: mojojessjo
Rating: R
Fandom: Original
Word Count: 415
Warning(s): Implied Incest and sex with a minor. Insanity.
Author's Note: These characters belong to shahni and I. And also, it's my first post here! ^^

Dancing flames twisted voraciously from one spot to another. Dark laughter accompanied the roaring noise of the fire, drowning in it, feeding into it.

The thick, heavy smoke curled lovingly around the last two living creatures, enfolding them within its warm embrace. The heat surrounding them both was a pleasing one, pleasant against their skin, calming after the heady rush of bloodlust. The tallest of the two smiled, something amused and tainted, and placed a proprietary hand on the much smaller one's head, caressing the smooth strands of blue-black hair. "Good boy."

A mad giggle and a nuzzle that pushed his head further into the large hand's comforting presence. "Thank you, Uncle!"

"Such a good boy, my pet." The hand moved, fingers trailing seductively, possessively down the smooth, pale skin of a soft cheek to the boy's lips. Kurokawa's eyes sharpened at the contact.

"Uncle..."The small statured youth sighed happily, an almost purr of contentment. The lips beneath the sword-callused fingers quirked into something strange and wrong before parting and his pink tongue darted out and licked, tasting familiar, salty flesh and the coppery blood of fools now past.

"Bring it down now, little one."

The ebon eyes that had closed in bliss at the treasured touch, opened, blinking once as they shifted to a bloody red. Ichizo's bottom lip pouted minutely. "Ichizo wanted to play. The cries of Uncle's silly enemies as they were burning, dancing, writhing with Ichizo's flame are still here, echoing within its crackle-snap-pop. Can you not hear it? It sounds so pretty."

Kurokawa raised an eyebrow. "Does it now?" He moved his hand so that it cupped the boy's cheek and smiled warmly at Ichizo, dark affection mixed with black lust defiling something that should have been pure. "Ichizo can play later if he wants, with some of Uncle's men if he wishes. But now Ichizo must do as Uncle wants. You don't want to be a naughty boy and disobey me do you, little one?"

Ichizo whimpered at the thought of disobeying his beloved uncle, eyes wide with youth and blighted innocence, clouded in fear. "No Uncle! Ichizo wants to be a good boy! He'll always be Uncle's good boy!" The slight figure flung himself at Kurokawa, sword strenghtened arms clinging with a intensity born of frightened desperation .

"So bring the flames down, Ichizo, and you'll stay Uncle's good boy."

Ichizo sniffled, rubbing his cheek against his uncle's battle stained clothing. And the fire around them died.

[User Picture]From: pesha
2005-04-03 05:11 pm (UTC)
Literally, hot. ::laughs:: I'm so glad that people are posting OC stuff into the community. I really like getting a look at other people's worlds.

...one request: could you friends-lock this post since it's a closed community?
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[User Picture]From: wolfsnc
2005-04-05 08:38 pm (UTC)
Wow. *grins*


*whines for more*

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From: (Anonymous)
2005-05-31 07:22 pm (UTC)
Really good shota.I have to find out where the characters are from .Now I must go read your other stuff.BB
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