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Hellcrack: The Community

Home to Those Weirdos Out There

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Welcome to Hellcrack: The Community for those interested in an upgraded seat on the one-way train to Hell. Have you been onlurking at the back of the bus clattering on the way down to the Dreaded Depths? Have you found yourself wishing -longing really- for a sweet seat of your own aboard the wonderfully outfitted Hell Train that is just whizzing you by? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly Down There via the Elite HellLeer?

Then perhaps we can find some way to accomodate you here. We are interested in adult-themed fiction that is destined to help improve one's repoire with He Who Should Not Be Named for My Mother. Err...right. Or Satan that is. Yes. The Evil Underlord.

At any rate, if you have ever wanted to write fiction that left you stating very baldly "I am going to Hell for that" upon completion, come right on in. It's warmer where we are, but I think you'll find you like it just fine.

...If my scary intro didn't seem off-putting to you, then you may wish to check out our FAQ and Guidelines located in Memories to find out more.